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Team Desert Training

Who Are We


To provide best in class training based on knowledge derived from real-world experience, while reuniting veterans with their communities.


Taking proven teaching methodologies coupled with emerging technology in an immersive environment to become the pioneers in the training landscape.


  • Bolstering veterans and the veterans' culture while providing a renewed purpose.

  • Deliver tangible skills, paired with sincere feedback that focuses on the participant's development.

  • Provide a setting that cultivates and encourages leadership, while championing unbiased principles. 


Our Team


Mikey B


Special Forces (Green Beret)

Mikey is an award-winning, 20 year veteran of the US Army, 15 of which he was an active member of the US Army Special Forces “Green Berets.” While serving as a Green Beret, Mikey served with the Commanders In Extremis Force, which conducted counter-terrorism and maritime interdiction operations. Mikey has undertaken missions alongside many operational units including the US Navy SEALs, DoS, FBI and US Secret Service. 

Rich Instructor Bio.png



Rich is a country boy trapped in Southern California. He is  a family man that has served his country abroad in several theaters of operation.  Rich has a love for the outdoors and is a master of fieldcraft, knife making, and a renown gunsmith. Rich has spent over three decades perfecting his precision rifle teaching techniques. His classes are never short on entertainment value.



Special Forces (Green Beret)

Mark is Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other high threat locations. He's a poet-warrior in the classic sense, and a student of science. Mark also served as a Customs Agent thwarting efforts made by drug smugglers and transnational criminals. 


Mickey B

Marine Recon

Mickey is a Recon Marine Veteran, who worked and still is working alongside the best this country has to offer.  He has had the opportunity to teach civilians, LEO, and fellow veterans some of the most important lessons he learned during his time in the military and as a civilian.  Teaching folks who want to learn is a passion and he is honored to be able to continue to do so.  




Tron hails from the midwest and was raised on corn and gun powder. He has been called the John Lennon of guns. You hand him any long gun and he will get you a hit with it. He has been a master firearms trainer for over a decade. His personal motto is, "Have gun, will travel." This patriot is a devoted father and husband that enjoys pushing his family into the surf. 


Justin A

Special Forces (Green Beret)

Justin is a veteran of the u.s. army special forces. He originally comes from Northern California but has been a nomad for the last seven years working in support of special operations training as a defense department contractor. Justin brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of operational practices that he is eager to impart with others.


Sara D

Government Contractor

Sara has spent multiple years supporting US government military an LEO training as a contractor. She is an avid upland hunter, outdoor enthusiast, and practicing martial artist. She brings a unique perspective and wide breadth of experience to the team. 



Retired Patrol Officer 

Kelly is a police firearms instructor and former British soldier.  She originally hails from England, but lived in six other countries before calling America her home.  As a police officer, she served on a metropolitan special 

enforcement team. She brings her worldly street knowledge to help you better protect yourself and your loved ones. 

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