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Choose Equipment Like Your Life Depends Upon It

I’m constantly reminded that cost doesn’t mean everything but quality does have a price. My father used to tell me that he didn’t want me making the same trivial mistakes that he did. I learned these lessons the hard way and carry them to this day. I feel it’s my responsibility to impart some wisdom learned through adversity in order to possibly mitigate the mistakes made by you, our neighbors in our community.

In these panic days I see a lot of people going out and buying the first thing they see because of a need without foresight being incorporated. I know things can get scary when our individual world’s are upended. (I mean really, are we really in need of 500 rolls of toilet paper for just ourselves in our studio apt?) When it comes to something that potentially one could be betting their life on, the choice must always be clear. The best piece of equipment, within your budget, that satisfies the requirement it will potentially be used for. I caveat that last part with stating this: People need exercise some tactical patience when setting up whatever equipment you’re working on rather than rush straight in.

Too many times I see people buying items by price only, or in times of crisis without doing any research or putting any mental effort into it. Save for that red dot sight and get a sling instead until you can finally buy that $400 optic. Even if it takes you 7-8 months, by buying quality equipment you’ll be much better off. I’m a firm believer in the adage of buy once, cry once. Do the research. There are millions of videos out there comparing this and that, or product reviews by very competent people. Try to contact someone that has used it that you value their opinion. Get it and assess it’s value to your desired outcome.

Through understanding and thoughtful, logical reasoning, you’ll see that the world isn’t going to end at this moment and that you don’t NEED that item in this instant. Put your time in and save your wallet and maybe your life buy buying quality equipment that will last for years to come. Please ask questions in the comments below. We need competent and growing understanding of the shooting sports and firearms industry to continue the great American legacy of those that came before us.

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Hi guys. Great article and thank you. Since you asked for questions, here’s one. I need a scope for a .308 rem 700. I’m new to bolt guns and optics. Main use is long range target. Family budget won’t permit a $2800 nightforce. Can I be successful with a $1300 vortex? Thank you and thanks for what you do.

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