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For the Ladies: About Your CCW (carrying a concealed weapon)

The foremost reason a woman should want to carry a firearm is for personal protection. A firearm is a wonderful equalizer and is arguably your best line of self-defense. But it is also a huge responsibility that could put you at risk for plenty of liability. There is so much you’ll need to learn before you should ever practice conceal carrying. Carry laws can vary vastly from state-to-state and it is your responsibility to verify that you will always be carrying in accordance with the law. Bear in mind that gun laws change often, and what might have been legal last month, may be illegal now. Stay current. (

Some states are constitutional carry, or permit-less carry states. These states essentially recognize that our Constitution provides you the right to conceal and even open carry, though with a small handful of conditions. Other states require you obtain training and a permit to conceal carry, but many will also recognize out-of-state conceal carry permits. Hopefully you do not reside in a city or county that illegally dismisses large portions of the 2nd Amendment. The lawsuits against these sorts of localities are an endless battle, and it could be years before its citizen’s rights are upheld. Yes of course I’m referring to San Francisco.

If your state requires a permit, you’ll likely need to complete some coursework before applying. A local CCW course should be relatively easy to find, and you’ll gain plenty of necessary and valuable information while attending. Consider getting a friend to attend with you, and do not shy away from asking all the relevant questions you have while in class. Upon completion of your course, you should receive documentation and instructions for submitting your permit application. Pro-tip: Utah has the “ultimate” CCW permit, and you may want the upgrade if you travel often within America, and prefer to carry when you do. You do not need to be a resident of Utah to qualify. (

While awaiting your CCW permit to arrive in the mail, seek out reputable professional firearms training. The training you’ll undergo in a CCW class is focused on legalities, and safety. It is important that you progress and become confident in your ability to manipulate, and operate your firearm proficiently, especially under stress. Keep in mind that professional instruction is very different from hitting the range with friends. If you have ever played a sport, or instrument, imagine what level you would have progressed to, if you only ever learned by practicing with your friends. Ongoing practice should become habitual. Ongoing professional training should be a priority.

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