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For the Ladies: First Time Pistol Shopping

DOA Arms in Virginia Beach, VA

There is plenty to consider when buying your first firearm. Here are some points worth considering when shopping around for your first pistol.

Find an awesome gun shop:

You’ll want to locate a friendly, knowledgeable gun shop. If a gun shop’s staff is trying to sway you towards something you don’t like, they probably aren’t too concerned about your finding something that truly works for you. Your weapon should feel comfortable in YOUR hands because you’ll need to become proficient with manipulating, shooting, and taking your weapon apart for cleaning. If simply racking the slide already feels too challenging, find an alternative firearm. If staff is condescending, or impatient with your being a female and/or first timer, find an alternative gun shop.

Be sure of your purchase, before purchasing:

Once you think you’ve found the right gun, test drive it. Find a range that rents that specific model and find someone who can help you safely try it out. How is the recoil? How does the grip feel? How was loading and unloading magazines? Carefully consider what you did, and did not like about it, and continue the search if necessary. 

Resist getting caught up on minor details and aesthetics: 

You can always upgrade furniture to further customize your weapon to you. And if you so desperately need a pink or whatever feminine color gun, obtain the right gun first, and get it Cerakoted to your color preference, after. Do not base your purchase solely on aesthetics or furniture that is easy to change out.

Train the right way:

All too often I see women at ranges being taught by someone that clearly has no business teaching anyone. For example, if your “instructor” is struggling to maintain a 10” group at 7 yards, you deserve a better instructor. Range University has female only courses, but females are welcome at all of our courses. Sign up here and obtain professional instruction, to build excellent habits and confidence in your abilities.

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1 Comment

Heath Layman
Heath Layman
Sep 21, 2020

If not sure what you want or need, get the training first, you might be able to track that slide after all, if taught how to properly! Intended purpose is the most important consideration when figuring out which gun. “Try guns on”

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