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Israeli Bandages... What You Should Know.

What you need to know about Israeli Bandages

The Emergency Bandage, also known as the Israeli Bandage, like so many first aid items, was developed for use in the U.S. military to quickly stop bleeding in emergency situations by putting focused pressure on uncontrollable wounds.

They've been actively used in combat by the military since Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

You can learn more about the history of the Emergency Bandage by watching this video courtesy of Persys Medical.


When you buy the Israeli bandage it comes individually wrapped in a sterile, vacuum-sealed package, but if it’s your first time using one open it up and try it out.

Don’t worry about needing to buy a new bandage once you break the seal; although it’s no longer considered sterile you won’t increase the risk of infection as long as the bandages are kept clean and dry.

As the bandage is unrolled there is a white string that’s been threaded through the wrap material. This will prevent the elastic wrap from unrolling and falling into dirt or potential contaminants if you accidentally drop the roll.

The string will pull through as you wrap the bandage and will fall out at the end.

The bandages are non-reusable because there’s no good way to clean blood out of the absorption pad, so you may want to keep a second one in your house as backup.

The package is vacuum-sealed, but I’ve found that there’s a lot of extra plastic hanging off either end that takes up valuable space in a small, portable first aid kit.

I cut off both ends of the plastic, so that the wrapping is shaped like a tube that’s the same length as the bandage is wide. Just make sure you don’t cut the instructions off the package.

The rolled up bandage fits snugly inside the package with no wasted space.

Israeli Bandage Limitions:

- Is solely an Ace Wrap with a pad and pressure point piece of plastic.

- Bulky


-Limited types uses/wounds for the bandage to be employed


Ace Wraps and Kerlix are a more versatile option to carrying an Israeli Bandage. You can make a

Kerlix gauze


- Extremely absorbent

- Weave of material makes roll stretchable

- Sterile

- Good for packing wounds.


- Looses bulk when wet

- Catches debris and snags very easily if not completely covered

Ace wrap


- Can be applied quickly

- Gives pressure to the entire affected area

- Provides excellent support for sprains and strains


- Can decrease peripheral circulation

For more information on austere medicine, check out our Austere Emergency Casualty Care courses.

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