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Our Story

Range University (RU) was founded by Special Operations veterans rooted in the desire to empower our neighbors to protect and enhance necessary capabilities in each of them. We believe that widespread confidence with firearms and a broad-based skill set is not only possible but consider it our duty to impart this knowledge in continued service to this country. Through our experience, we determined that the best way to learn is through active participation in a focused realistic environment. All tactics, techniques, and procedures have been developed and refined through trial and error from the battlefield to remote and urban environments. Our instructors believe so completely in this model that we all have individual ownership in the company and an unflinching fortitude to accomplish these goals. This team mentality we feel is a core pillar of our business and one that we will sustain going forth.  

The educational programs at Range University are offered across the full spectrum of capabilities, each uniquely tailored towards an expressed degree pathway. The courses are taught with safety foremost in mind in the development and execution of every class. Each student will be coached, mentored, and evaluated using quantifiable metrics as part of the assessment process. This training is NOT a no-fail event. You will be challenged. Your beliefs and preconceptions will be put to the test. Like any collegiate course, we want each student to actively ask themselves why they are doing any task. There is a physical component to each of our courses as we feel this is integral to the holistic development of our students.  

A list of a few of the courses we offer and that are in development: 

Firearms Training- RU offers beginner to advanced courses in pistol, rifle, and precision rifle. Additionally, custom events to include situational and live force on force training will be available. These classes are taught by the same methodical outline that makes American special operators the best in the world. There are pre & post-class engagements with the instructor staff available via online services with additional homework tasks to further enhance one’s experience. 

Fieldcraft- RU fieldcraft training runs the full gamut of operations in a remote area environment. Survival, rural protection, remote wilderness medicine, and custom scenario events are just a few of the outdoor activities that will be offered.  

Not to be marginalized RU will have urban environment training and special operational activities to be incorporated into elaborate, realistic training events. These include lock picking, surreptitious facility entry, collective teamwork, urban and rural photography, information elicitation, and much more.  

Rucking-RU will allow students to truly see what level of fortitude they can muster through our custom Range University Ruck events. In these events, they will be pushed both physically and mentally to their breaking point. The success or failure of the student is dependent upon their ability to work as a team, overcome their limitations, and discover the never quit mindset within them.  

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