• Mikey

How To Be Impactful On Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a well-known American holiday, but there are also a few misconceptions about it — like how it's spelled or whom exactly it celebrates. To clear some of that up, here are three critical facts you should know.

1: No apostrophe needed

Many people think it's "Veteran's Day" or "Veterans' Day," but they're wrong. The holiday is not a day that "belongs" to one veteran or multiple veterans, which is what an apostrophe implies. It's a day for honoring all Veterans — so no apostrophe needed.

2: Veterans Day is not the same as Memorial Day

Many Americans get this confused, and I'll be honest... it can be a little annoying to all living veterans. Memorial Day is a time to remember those who gave their lives for our country, particularly in battle or from wounds they suffered in combat. Veterans Day honors all of those who have served the country in war or peace — dead or alive — although it's primarily intended to thank living veterans for their sacrifices.

3: Other countries celebrate it, too

World War I was a multinational effort, so it makes sense that our allies also wanted to celebrate their veterans on Nov. 11. The name of the day and the types of commemorations differ, however.

Canada and Australia both call Nov. 11 "Remembrance Day." Canada's observance is pretty similar to our own, except many of its citizens wear red poppy flowers to honor their war dead. In Australia, the day is more akin to our Memorial Day. Great Britain calls it "Remembrance Day," too, but observes it on the Sunday closest to Nov. 11 with parades, services, and two minutes of silence in London to honor those who lost their lives in war.

Engagement Is Everything

With Veterans Day upon us, many of you are asking how you can get involved. Sure, you can do a fitness WOD or ruck with a laminated veteran picture on your backpack, but what does that do for the veteran community? I ask more from the Range University family. I challenge you to give your time, energy, and effort towards engagements with veterans. Below are some more selfless ways to give back to veterans