• Mikey

What Are We Doing In 2021?

During 2020, we had the privilege to work with hundreds of individuals, several organizations, and government entities, all striving to achieve greatness through statutory compliance and realistic training. We have gone deep inside our courses to pivot and modify to meet our customers' ever-changing needs. Our operations have been elevated and synthesized to support the expanding 2021 schedule. We are grateful for all of our Range University Alumni and look forward to more. Here is an insider snapshot of what 2021 has in store.

Range Universities priorities for 2021.

1: Maintain a deliberate focus on relationships.

  • Participants will receive individual attention during training and will not be treated like another face in the crowd.

  • All skills taught must be repeatable and reliable for our students.

2: Be a one-stop-shop for training.

  • Continue to provide all training supplies within our course costs.

  • Deliver relevant, moral, and contemporary practices and techniques.

3: Execute best in class training events with an academic focus.

  • Any former military member can teach from the Ranger Handbook, and we will provide all courses with the same level of detail as a Master's level course at a private university.

Here is a break down of events and what is to come!

We have the courses broke down into categories, and each category has different course levels enumerated, similar to college courses. Everyone has their preferred area of expertise, and others want to be a jack of all trades. Our model allows students to progress and grow.


  • Pistol

  • Carbine

  • Precision Rifle