Winter Vehicle Survival Bag

Now that we are closing out one of the worst years in recent memory, it's probably a good idea to make sure our winter preparedness is up to snuff. That is, at least until the ball drops on New Year's Eve because 2020 seems like it's going to go out kicking and screaming. The winter travel season is here, and it's best to have some supplemental pack in your vehicle just in case you get stranded out there on the road. A couple of good points to remember before we get into kit setup: Keep up on the maintenance of your vehicle(don't wait until the steel is showing to change out your tires if at all possible); the aid kit in your survival kit is separate from the Vehicle First aid kit; 1 gallon of water on hand; packing blanket; having chains/ tow strap/road flares/engine starter or jumper cables all in working condition and accessible.

Kit Setup

First and foremost, you need to answer a few questions so that you're not turning your vehicle into a home 2. There is such a thing as carrying TOO MUCH. We want you to think through the problem, so it will be vitally important to make your own assessment based on your unique situations.

Where are you geographically?

Does the climate in your region dip below freezing, or does it remain cold and wet but above the freezing point?

Urban or Rural environment?

How long do you generally travel daily, is it just to and from work, or are you regularly taking trips that would require days to travel if by foot?

Do you generally travel alone, or do you have children with you?

Author Situation: Single male, living in an urban area of the Pacific Northwest. When not flying for work, all commuting is within 10 miles of home.

Winter Supplemental Bag