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  • This target is designed to force anatomical holds with red dot optics.


  • This target provides an unlimited amount of training combinations and was designed for all skill levels in mind.


  • Have fun and challenge yourself with a plethora of shooting problems.


  • Shooters can be given simple commands such as “head, chest, or pelvis" or more challenging situations.


  • Our target creates accountability for all rounds fired by the shooter.


  • The distance sillouhouttes down the right side allows shooters to quantify their fundamentals at 25 meters from standing, kneeling, and prone firing positions. 


  • The variety of exercises allows the novice shooter to start at closer distances and increase the the distance as proficiency is gained. 


SIZE: W- 18 x L- 24 inches


Material: 100 lbs - Heavy Duty Gloss Paper (Rain Resistant)

Carbine Target - 25 Pack

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