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  • Where can I find the Waiver and Release of Liability
    Waiver is found at this link below.
  • I am new to firearms. Which course should I start with?
    All of our 101 & 102 courses are designed for new or novice shooters that are unfamiliar with guns.
  • Will I be the only female in the course?
    No. Typically, female students account for 30% to 50% of every class.
  • Do you provide rental guns at your events?
    Yes, we have a limited amount of pistols for rent. We ask that if you need a rental please purchase one at the time of registration. Currently, we do NOT offer rentals for carbine courses or precision rifle. Otherwise, students are required to bring a semi-automatic pistol or semi-automatic carbine to each course. Preferably, weapon systems that have a 10 round magazine capacity or greater
  • Can I bring my AR-15 pistol to a pistol course?
    No, our handgun classes are geared towards traditional semi-automatic handguns. The length of the AR-15 type pistol does not allow for the application of handgun fundamentals taught in the course.
  • How Do I Dress?
    You will be at an outdoor range with gravel and dirt walk areas. Wear comfortable flat shoes, full-length pants, short-sleeve or tee shirts. Wear or bring layers as the weather can change from morning to afternoon. Wear a sturdy belt, and a battle belt, in addition, is recommended. *No Shorts or Open Toed Shoes Allowed
  • I’ve been shooting for years. Do I need to start at the 101 &102 Class?
    No. However, we highly encourage everyone to start with the 101 &102 courses. We will fine-tune your techniques – you may have developed some bad habits watching John Wick, Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson. All courses, start with the basics but quickly gather speed. In the combat portion of the class, you will be doing rapid fire (3-5 round rhythm drills) and multiple target engagements. *Our More Technical And Tactical Courses Have Prerequists And Have A "Shoot In" Requirement
  • If I register more than one person or sign up for multiple classes, can I get a discount?"
    Unfortunately, No. The range and insurance carrier charge on a per-person basis. We do not receive a discount, so we cannot pass one on to you.
  • Are there types of ammunition that cannot be used at the range?
    The type of casing (the extracted protion of the round) is not a factor for our courses. You may use steel, aluminum, copper, and brass casings are acceptable. However, the composition of the projectile portion of the ammunition is critical. No steel core, armor piercing, steel jacketed or tracer ammunition is allowed in class. This will shoot through our steel and has the potential to destroy backstops. (SEE PICTURES BELOW FOR EXAMPLES). Copper washed, bimetal jacketing (soft metal/lead) or full metal jackets are acceptable types of ammunition.
  • How big are the classes?
    Range University maintains a maximum capacity of 20. Our insurance requires us to have a 1:10 ratio of instructors to students
  • What is your Refund Policy?
    Range University limits our class sizes to provide an unparalleled and individualized experience for each of our students. To do this we require prepayment and preregistration for all training classes and courses. In order to provide our classes, we must commit resources, assign instructors, arrange classroom/range availability and incur other costs associated with the class. These commitments are not reduced when fewer students attend. Additionally, we many times do not have space for everyone that may want to participate in a scheduled session and therefore must turn away students who wish to sign up. The weather may also be a factor uncontrollable by Range University and the session may need to be canceled or rescheduled. You acknowledge and agree that in the event you are unable to attend the scheduled session a refund will only be given when notice is provided of your need to cancel 30 days prior to the scheduled session. This may allow others to attend in your place. In the event you are unable to attend the session and notice is provided you will be able to reschedule to attend another scheduled session, but no refunds can be provided. Individuals that do not show up for the scheduled class and do not provide notice prior to the class, agree to forfeit their fees and ability to reschedule. We appreciate your understanding and the reason behind this policy. By registering up and paying for a session means that you fully understand and accept Range University’s refund policy
  • What is the Packing/Gear List for Training?
    PISTOL COURSES: Firearm: (Limited Rentals ARE Available) We suggest a full or compact size semi-automatic pistol from a reputable manufacturer, chambered in at least 9mm Holster: (Limited Rentals ARE Available) We suggest OWB – Kydex or leather holsters that are specifically designed for your exact firearm model. (NO Cross Draw, NO Appendix Carry, and NO Shoulder Holsters) Pistol with at least 4 Magazines (10 Round Capacity Minimum) Magazine Holders Pistol Cleaning Kit Suggested Ammunition Count for Course (We do have ammo for sale if you are renting a pistol): At least 500 rounds of ball ammo. No reloads or personally loaded ammo Eye Protection Ear Protection Food for snacks and lunch Water supply for 12 hours + CARBINE COURSES: Carbine with at least 3 Magazines, sling required. Chest Rig or 3 x Magazine Pouches Carbine Cleaning Kit Suggested Ammunition Count for Course: Typically 500 rounds Eye Protection Ear Protection Food for snacks and lunch Water supply for 12 hours + *Always Check The Detailed Packing List For Your Course
  • How do I contact Range University?
    Feel free to email us at
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