• Mikey

Elevate Your Training With Shooter's Solution

Range University is always focused on bringing an academic approach to the range. Shooter's Solution is the methodology that we incorporate into all training participants receive. So... let's jump right in.

For years, while shooting, I could feel that my brain was always computing different factors and my rate of fire would change based on the following key points. Size, Distance, Ability, and Confidence are the critical components to determine your rate of fire. A shooter's skill level is the most influential element in determining the balance between speed and accuracy. Speed is directly influenced by these other areas discussed in this article.

The Constants In The Equation


The size of the target has a direct impact on the employment of the core fundamentals of shooting. If the target is small, an exact, deliberate point of aim with firm, accurate sight alignment must be established, which correlates to time loss. If you have a sizeable humanoid target within 21 feet, the shooter could easily forego the majority of marksmanship skills and deliver effective fire through "Point Shooting." The size of the target determines the level of rigidity; one must employ the fundamentals of marksmanship.


The arc of movement can be observed as the sights move in several forms (W shape, vertical (up and down) pulses, circular, or horizontal angles). The level of marksmanship determines the arc of movement. The components that must be focused on are grip, locking out the arms, trigger press, and follow through. The closer the target, the less the arc of movement matters for accurate shot placement.